Higher Education management consultancy

Experienced - Professional - Effective. Based in Canada with an Australian, European and global reach. Projects done right - we have a 100% success rate! You will be pleased how little consultation costs and how much it will help. Free (no obligation) initial consultations. How can we help?

Higher Education Consulting

Swift Education Services provides consultancy and solutions to help your language school, higher education / College or social service organisation achieve its mission. Experienced - Professional - Effective

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Online Teaching - managment - training - support

The COVID-19 crisis requires Institutions to deliver their current and likely many future courses online. We have considerable experience designing online programs, updating current courses, teacher training and management in this area. We can manage all aspects of getting your current and future courses online, teacher training and administrative support.

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New Colleges. startups and help with the regulators.

We can manage every aspect of developing a successful College or new social service organization; and help you navigate all existing regulations and government polices. We can develop curriculum, polices, advise on administration and much more ... Education and career training providers who have the edge are the ones who are going to succeed and effectively meet regulatory, client and student expectations. We can help.

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Programs, management, curriculum, policies and proceedures

We offer professional services to address all aspects of program development, curriculum, procedures and higher education delivery, If your institution needs help ... we can do it ... professionally and effectively.

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Online language testing for your Institution

In order for students to be admitted into a regulated program, certified institutions must show evidence of student language proficiency (this is often a regulatory requirement). Other organizations may have similar requirements for clients.

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Evaluation and teacher training

No matter how good your programs are or how comprehensive your curriculum/ programs .. it will be the administration, methodology and the instructional delivery which will make or break an institution. If you need help evaluating / updating your programs; education delivery or require teacher training, we can help. We offer consultation and comprehensive training for in-class and online delivery.

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Marketing - recruitment- pathway programs

We can advise on marketing plans, help develop content, links to agents, recruiting policies and more. We can also develop plans for pathway programs and University Credit transfer. We know what we are doing. We have a 100% success rate. How can we help?